Are you kidding me!

Another news headline that just makes you think to yourself: are you kidding me!

In the latest and most bizarre news headlines there was a six year old kindergartner that brought a loaded pistol to school. The pistol fell out of his pocket and fired during lunch – injuring not only himself, but also two other classmates. Luckily, the injuries were not life threatening.

While reading multiple stories on this story, I kept thinking to myself how can such a thing happen? Being a parent, and also an advocate of owning firearms – of which we own several – comes the responsibility of not only teaching your children firearms safety, but also making sure that the firearms are safely kept away.

Children, by nature, are so curious about everything. They tend to venture into situations that can be deemed hazardous without understanding the consequences of their actions. We as parents are the ones to teach them how to make correct choices, and also watch their every move.

I sometimes wonder how a parent could allow something like this to happen, and the only reason I can ever come up with, is the lack of parental guidance. Honestly, if we are not the ones supervising our children, then who is going to do it? Most bizarre and tragic situations could be prevented if only we did our job as parents.


  1. haha title cracked me up….

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