Being a mom

Mom and Child

Being a mom is the easiest and the most difficult thing you will ever do

It’s a job that you don’t get paid for. It’s a job that never ends. It’s a job that, no matter how prepared you think you are, you find out that you know nothing about it all. It involves sleepless nights. Constant worrying. Changing diapers. Potty training. Cleaning walls that have been decorated with the latest in art techniques. It involves singing, dancing, and just being plain silly. It means kissing a boo-boo to make it all better. It means cleaning up vomit. It means making sure everyone is fed, clothed, and tucked into bed.

Being a mom isn’t just being a mom

It’s being a best friend, story teller, a shoulder to cry on, cheerleader, teacher, maid, chef, scientist, artist, historian, hero, mathematician, builder, visionary, nurse/doctor, chauffeur, philosopher, plumber, mechanic, protector, disciplinarian – just to name a few.

What being a mom is not

It doesn’t care what kind of clothes you wear, it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you buy, or whether you wear makeup or not. It doesn’t care if you’re curvy, thin, tall, or short. Being a mom doesn’t involve itself in the music you listen to, mistakes you may have made in the past, or when others don’t see life the same as you.

We as moms don’t realize what our job title really means until we take on this role. What I can tell you is that with all the times that I think my mountain of strength is gone, all it takes is a hug from your child and your mountain of strength has just grown exponentially. We don’t need much; our love is unconditional. Just seeing the smiles on our children’s faces is enough to lighten even the darkest of places. The tears our children shed is more than our heart can bare. We never ask for anything in return, nor do we expect anything in return.

No matter where you live, what language you speak, whether your a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom: being a mom is the greatest experience we as women will ever know.

Truly, all of us moms hold the future of the world in the palm of our hands.

Mom and Baby Hands
Be proud of who you are. I can guarantee that you are the world to your little ones, even if they are all grown up and have children of their own.



  1. Thanks for the post – a hug from a child really does make so many things better.
    I found you on bloggy moms and am now subscribing.


    • Glad to have you here! It is amazing how far a hug can go. I would have to say it is honestly one of my favorite gifts that I get from my children.

  2. I\’m on a scavenger hunt to find the best blogs and I chose yours. I love it! This post stood out to me because it is just so inspirational! Sometimes it is good to remember that being perfect is not a prerequisite for being a parent! Our kids love us no matter what! Just loving your child and being supportive already gives them many of the tools they need to succeed.

    I am also very fond of kiddie hugs! My babies can make anything better. 🙂

    Rebecca @ArtIs4YourHeart

    • I’m so happy that you have found us here – your compliments are wonderful! As you said, I can definitely agree that we are far from perfect. It is very motivational and heartwarming to hear that people do find a little inspiration from the posts, and the feedback is very much welcome.

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