Saying goodbye to the past and looking forward to the future

Today was a day full of reflection.

On Saturday  we were involved in a four vehicle accident while on our way to pick up our oldest child from taking his ACT test. Thankfully, we were not severely injured, nor were any of the other passengers of the other vehicles. Unfortunately, our Expedition died a sudden tragic death and had to be towed away.

After dropping my husband off at work today, I headed over to the tow lot so that I could finish emptying out the rest of our belongings. This turned out to be a very sad moment for me with several tears (tears of joy and tears of sadness). This truck has been with us since my youngest came into this world seven years ago. This truck has been my companion on many road trips, and has always been extremely reliable. I knew that the day would come when we would finally decide to trade it in, but I just didn’t expect it to happen in the manner that took place, nor as quick as it did.

The reality all boils down to the fact that we hold on to things a little more than we should. I guess what I’m saying is that without change, we all become complacent with our lives. We should embrace change even when that means you will lose a close companion, albeit a vehicle, but nonetheless a member of your family. With change, some obstacles are bound to be discovered along the path. For instance, a new vehicle payment, but without obstacles, that path would get boring.

I am looking forward to the future because everyday is a gift to be alive, and I will continue to stay positive.

Great things that I have discovered because of this ordeal has included:

  1. Always make sure your vehicle is vacuumed immediately after each and every road trip 🙂
  2. Life, health, and happiness, is far more important than a vehicle being smashed up
  3. Embrace change
  4. Staying positive will keep you sane
  5. Family always comes first

In loving memory of our Ford Expedition




Just in case you were wondering, our son was picked up by a family member. It was very worrisome since he didn’t have his cell phone (no electronics are allowed during the exam) so there was no way to inform him that there was a change in plans on who will be picking him up.

What have you had to say goodbye to in order to move on to the future? Please tell us your story!


Our First Award – The Versatile Blogger

Thank you so much to Amanda at Mother of Ambition who kindly awarded Shannon Setter – writer for Motivated Moms Club with this…

The Versatile Blogger
Hip hip hooray! This is the first award for Motivated Moms Club! I am very blessed and grateful to have received this award. It is truly inspiring and motivating.

Thank you again, Amanda at Mother Of Ambition for this honor! You are the best.

The rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell us seven things about yourself that others may or may not know.
  3. Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers.

After much thought, I was able to come up with 7 things about me that you may not know… (leaning more towards the do not know but interesting tidbits about me).

7 things about me that you may not know about me

  1. I know how to (and do) replace the brakes and spark plugs on my truck.
  2. I love target shooting & deer hunting (for food, not for sport) with my Tikka T3 Lite 30-06 and Trijicon Scope (by far, my favorite scope ever)!
  3. I tend to go a bit overboard on the explosives on Fourth of July – choreographing, setting up, and igniting the fireworks.
  4. Driving is very relaxing and gives me time for creative thinking.
  5. I was a band geek in school…yes, that also included marching band as well. I’ve played the flute since I was 9 years old.
  6. Of all the people I have lost in my lifetime, I miss my grandmother the most.
  7. I designed and built a 400 square foot patio – fire-pit included, along with a retaining wall and built-in stairs last year with the help of my husband – the pavers weighed 80 pounds each!

I have searched high and low – in no particular order, for 15 bloggers that I would like to award. I hope this award not only inspires each of you, but also motivates you on continuing your hard work. Keep up the amazing work, ladies!

15 Amazing and inspiring Mom Bloggers! 15 Awards given!

If you haven’t heard of any of these sites, please stop by and tell them congrats! I am sure that they would love a comment or two, a Twitter follow, and also a Facebook “Like”.

Crazy month of unexpected illnesses and death

This has been a nonstop month of unexpected illnesses and death.

Everything started the weekend of spring break. I had planned a trip for my children to go to Chicago so we can visit the museums along with visiting two of my sisters. This trip was cancelled because my youngest child ended up sick with pneumonia. Yes, that is correct – pneumonia. At first, she had a cough along with a stuffy nose, and then all of a sudden she started running a high fever. The next morning we took her into urgent care thinking it was more than likely strep throat. To our amazement she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She did make a full recovery just in time for her birthday.

Next on the list was an unexpected death of an uncle. We all knew that he was having health problems, but one moment he was doing okay, and then he was extremely sick. He ended up going into Septic Shock. His liver, kidneys, and pancreas had failed. It was only a matter of time for the final outcome to become reality. I purchased my plane ticket so that I could be there for the funeral. Of course, as always, things don’t work out as planned. While on my way to the airport, I received a phone call from the airlines informing me there was a flight delay and that I would not make my connecting flight. They said that they could reschedule my flight for the next day. Unfortunately, the funeral was the next day, and as-is, there is no good way of getting to my destination. Luckily, I was only five minutes from the airport, and they were able to get me onto a new flight, but it was leaving shortly. Everything worked out. Yes, there were other circumstances that I encountered, but that is another story all in itself.

Finally, just a few days ago, my step father ended up very sick. My mom took him into the emergency room and he was admitted. He had ended up with pancreatitis. After two days of being in the hospital, he was transferred to the ICU. Yesterday morning, when we went in to visit him – to our astonishment – he was hooked up a ventilator. Of course, not only is having pancreatitis bad enough by itself, but also going through alcohol withdrawals at the same time only makes the situation even more touchy.

With all things considered, I have come to the conclusion that I will not think anything could not get any worse because we all know it can.

As for my step father, he should make a full recovery.

When things don’t work out as planned

This last week has been one of those weeks. I was wishing for it to be over after the first day. I had such high hopes and of course life got in the way or I should say female time got in the way. I’ve always been very unlucky in the female time category but it was the way it was and so it just became life once I accepted it. You see I used to be so irregular and really the only sign that I had to know when it was going to happen was well when it happened. This of course meant that I always had supplies along just in case. Now these days I have been regular like clockwork but now it has been more of a pain in the rear than what it used to be.

It seems funny to think that even after having four kids that I wouldn’t start being regular until after my fourth child started Kindergarten but that is exactly what happened. Over these last few months one thing has been for certain I truly dislike my bodies new routine. I am in more pain with less energy and find myself crying over little things like a Barbie movie, which I did the other night while watching with my youngest. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but I don’t consider myself old. Although my kids will argue with me on that subject. It seemed no matter what I tried from Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, or even Pamprin nothing was really taking the edge off. I had been reduced down to using a heating pad and kind words from my daughter telling me, “It’s okay mom you’re going to be okay I can help you”. In that moment, I realized it doesn’t matter what I didn’t get accomplished on chores but rather what an accomplishment I had done with my daughter. She is only 5yrs old soon to be 6 next month, but what she did was amazing. I can’t believe how nurturing she was and what an awesome job she did trying to be a caretaker.

I am so proud of my children and how the little things they do can be so motivating and uplifting. I may not have done the things I wanted to do but in the end the clothes that needed to be gathered for charity, drywall sanding, and the painting in our basement will still be there not going anywhere but at least I have my children.

Hello Moms

Hi there to all those that have taken the time to stop by and check out my site. This is a site for moms and about moms. I find that so many times we ponder all kinds of ideas and find ourselves saying to ourselves, “how and when am I supposed to fit that into my already busy schedule?” My goal is to share ideas and life experiences, while accepting ideas and experiences in return to share with everyone else in the same situation. Also, to motivate! We as individuals have so much to give but very little time for ourselves and don’t ask for very much in return. I would like to find a way to tackle some of our time constraints while becoming more productive in the meantime.