Dear PlayStation Network Hackers

HackerIt has been positively awful since you brought down our livelihood. The sad part is that I truly don’t think you realize how your actions didn’t affect who they were aimed towards. The people that were affected were the ones that had nothing to do with the issue.

This has been a wonderful and motivating journey trying to teach my children how holding a grudge and retaliating doesn’t just affect the one that they are upset at, but rather everyone else. It is the ripple effect. You throw a rock in the water, and at the middle is where the least amount of damage done but the ripples continue to flow outward for quite a ways, affecting everything outside of the initial attack zone.

I truly understand that you were upset, but being upset doesn’t help you to achieve greater things.  In the end, you will never be satisfied, even if at the current moment you are basking in your glory. Trust me when I say, that feeling will be short lived.

Think about how much cooler you would be, and how much you would be liked if you would channel all of your aggressions into something more productive.

As of right now, you have turned your aggression from being directed at Sony’s PlayStation Network –  causing it to be taken down for multiple days – into a situation where now you have approximately 70 million people pissed off at you. If I had to take a guess, we the people outnumber your asses.

Perhaps a great punishment would be for the PlayStation Network Hackers to babysit all of our children for the same length of time as the outage lasts.

What are everyone else’s thoughts on creative punishment?

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