Research studies prove that eating your toenails makes you smarter!


I am sure you are thinking to yourself, how in the heck can that be possible? I know you are because I can hear your thoughts right now. Well, the truth is all in the research. We all know that if the doctors, politicians, celebrities, news media, and psychologists say it is true than it […]

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Being a mom

Mom and Child

Being a mom is the easiest and the most difficult thing you will ever do It’s a job that you don’t get paid for. It’s a job that never ends. It’s a job that, no matter how prepared you think you are, you find out that you know nothing about it all. It involves sleepless […]

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13 reasons why stir fry is absolutely amazing

Stir Fry

The beauty of stir fry is all of the different ways you can combine flavors, and the pure simplicity of making it. Whether you are a vegetarian or a serious meat eater, stir fry provides a simple solution. In our household, we generally have stir fry twice a week. Our kids are always very excited, […]

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Let’s go Treasure Hunting!

Treasure Map

Every child loves the idea of finding lost treasure. Our family likes packing a lunch to go on our day trips to go treasure hunting – better known as Geocaching. We own two handheld GPS units – one for the younger ones to use, and one for the older two to use. This is a […]

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Going to the grocery store shouldn’t break the bank

Grocery Store

Considering how food is an essential staple for survival, why does it always feel like you’re breaking the bank purchasing groceries? Far more often than not, we find ourselves in a hurry, hungry, and just plain distracted when we are in the grocery store. Every time I deviate from my routine, I spend twice – […]

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Dear PlayStation Network Hackers


It has been positively awful since you brought down our livelihood. The sad part is that I truly don’t think you realize how your actions didn’t affect who they were aimed towards. The people that were affected were the ones that had nothing to do with the issue. This has been a wonderful and motivating […]

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Sony’s PlayStation Network Down: Epic Fail or Something Sinister

Game Controller

I am honestly shocked and frustrated about the Sony’s PlayStation Network being down. We just purchased Socom 4 on the release date as a birthday gift for my husband. Since our children are always so anxious about playing video games, we use the motivating tactic that involves earning time on the PS3. In order to […]

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When having a credit card is actually necessary

Credit Card

My husband and myself are firm believers in paying off debt while not incurring new debt. Now of course, with that being said, we also don’t own any credit cards. We normally budget out things that we would like to purchase and put the money into savings. In a way, we are acting as our […]

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Crazy month of unexpected illnesses and death

This has been a nonstop month of unexpected illnesses and death. Everything started the weekend of spring break. I had planned a trip for my children to go to Chicago so we can visit the museums along with visiting two of my sisters. This trip was cancelled because my youngest child ended up sick with […]

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Are you kidding me!

Another news headline that just makes you think to yourself: are you kidding me! In the latest and most bizarre news headlines there was a six year old kindergartner that brought a loaded pistol to school. The pistol fell out of his pocket and fired during lunch – injuring not only himself, but also two […]

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