Sony’s PlayStation Network Down: Epic Fail or Something Sinister

Game ControllerI am honestly shocked and frustrated about the Sony’s PlayStation Network being down.

We just purchased Socom 4 on the release date as a birthday gift for my husband.

Since our children are always so anxious about playing video games, we use the motivating tactic that involves earning time on the PS3. In order to earn playing time they need to do their chores, and make sure their homework is done.

Everyone has been on their best behavior, and I promised them that when the weekend started they could try out the new game. Unfortunately, as of right now, they still can’t play online.

What makes this so frustrating, is that Sony has yet to send out any notification email or anything on this situation.

Granted, there is a ton of speculation on why this has happened, and whether “Anonymous” Hackers were involved. Who cares – just get it done!

We are well into day 2 – and still it is down. I think it’s time to redirect our focus from, “Who did it?” to the more important question, “When will it be fully operating?”.

What will the kids do now – it’s really wet and cold outside.

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