Simple angel food cake dessert – reinvented

Baking GrannyAre you in the mood for something that is so light and fluffy that it just melts in your mouth?

Well, if so I have the answer to your problem. I know that once you see it, you’re going to think to yourself – really, can it be all that she says its going to be? My answer is yes and yes. A simple variation on quick angel food cake desserts can really enhance the texture and the experience. Also, homemade whipped cream really tops this off.

It sounds pretty basic

It seems that sometimes angel food cake has that spongy kind of texture when you leave it as-is, but when you try this variation, you will be impressed at the difference it makes when you cut the cake up into bite-sized pieces and fold everything together – it’s almost mousse-like.

The simplicity

I really like angel food cake. It is so versatile and rather easy to make. Of course, even when you don’t have the time to actually bake an angel food cake, the store-bought ones work great for this recipe as well. This is such a simple and quick treat to make. You will not believe how light it is when you take that first bite. My family loves this, and I hope your family loves it as well!

Click here for the recipe: Angel Food Cake Dessert