How to change a day from hell into a day of paradise!

Bad DayWe have all had our fair share of days when everything goes wrong.

Those days you wish that you could climb in a hole and come out when it’s over. The very kind of day that you question, “Why does this have to happen to me of all days?” Everything just seems to be unraveling and falling apart at the seams all while you are feeling there is nothing you can do to stop it.

It all starts as soon as you wake up an hour late because someone had to have been playing an evil trick on you and shut off the alarm. In your infinite glory of trying to get back on time – you spill coffee all down the front of you. Quickly, you change your clothes only to discover that  your car keys are not where you left them.  Now you’re getting frantic, searching everywhere until you find them in plain sight, as though somehow, they just miraculously appeared out of thin air. Finally, you’re pulling out of your driveway thinking to yourself, “Things can’t get any worse!” Guess what – you become aware that all the lights keep turning red as you come up to them. “Cheese and Rice!“, “Shut the front door!“, “God bless America!” (G-rated of course) shouts are spilling our of your mouth. Suddenly, your mouth has projectile vomit spewing everywhere, but hey, who cares – it makes you feel good, and to top it off, you don’t have to smell it or clean it up. I’m sure you are so late now. Nothing is ever going to get you back on track. All you think to yourself is, “Why does life have to be so unfair”! Of course the rest of the day goes to hell on a one-way ticket, but you already knew that – you have experienced it first hand.

Negative thinking causes negative energy. Negative energy causes chaos. Chaos causes everything to be out of order. Everything out of order causes the cycle to start over again. Breaking the cycle is key. Well duh, but how is that suppose to happen? Apparently, she hasn’t had the same kind of days as I have. You’re right! Everyone has different feelings, triggers, and perceptions of their surroundings. I’m sure what I think is a bad day could be a walk in the park for someone else and vice-versa. If you think the worst, the worst will hunt you down and find you.

Now that you know how negativity causes a vicious cycle, just imagine how a positive attitude can move mountains with the slight touch of a finger and a simple smile. Don’t let that alarm clock get the best of you. Instead, look at it from the glass half-full perspective. Perhaps you needed the extra sleep, or that maybe someone might be wearing an outfit that would’ve been a twin of the one you spilled coffee on, or maybe all the lights were red to keep you from dealing with the extra traffic on the freeway, etc..

A few tips on how to change a day from hell into a day of paradise!

  • Listen to your favorite music – sing loud and be proud
  • Imagine yourself having a perfect day:
    Oh, I can feel the soft warm sand between my toes with the water rising up to my ankles,
    a tasty margarita in one hand, while the other is ever so relaxed.
    Can you see it also?
  • Think about your happiest memories – think about all of them don’t stop
  • Think / relive an experience that was very pleasurable and/or enjoyable
  • List off things that you are most grateful for – don’t be afraid to say them out loud over and over again
  • Take a couple deep cleansing breaths
  • Wave “hi” at someone cutting you off, or giving you the bird – You might as well squash them with kindness
  • Repeat each step with a smile

Before long, your day will be paradise. Yes, I can hear you all saying this person has no idea at all, and this list is crazy. My answer is yes, this list is crazy – it is crazy simple. I’ve tried these over and over again. It always works. Of course, sometimes it takes a little it before it starts working, but hey – better late than never.

What other ideas hove worked for you in this kind of situation?  Please tell all!  🙂