I survived my first #leadfromwithin tweetchat

I survived my first #leadfromwithin tweetchat. My husband has been trying to get me to try this for quite sometime now. Unfortunately, there were always things keeping me from joining the chat. It was mostly my fault, and I’m not big on excuses, but we do have four children who need to be looked after. My goal was to keep the house under control so my husband could do the tweetchat. Sadly, I was also nervous since my husband has previously mentioned that in order to do the #leadfromwithin tweetchat you have to be quick and go with the first thing that comes to mind for the questions. Yes, that’s right I was nervous because I over-think and analyze everything before I write or talk.

I managed to psyche myself out well before each Tuesday evening with all the things on my mind like:

  • what if the kids are too noisy
  • what if the kids get into one of their, “mom he did this” or “mom he did that to me”
  • what if I can’t type fast enough
  • what if my answers aren’t good enough

I think you get picture on where I was going about this all wrong. Of course, this night was no different than any other Tuesday night, or for all that matters, any other night of the week. Ten minutes before the tweetchat was to commence, the kids asked if I could bake a batch cookies from the pre-made cookie dough, so I turned on the oven to pre-heat and put the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. Five minutes before the tweetchat I was starting to question how can I possibly be able to do the chat when two of our four kids were yelling at each other over who was going to sit at my desk and use the computer. I told my husband at three minutes before the chat there is no way I can pull off sitting during the chat and give my undivided attention to only that. He reassured me that I could, but I still had my doubts.

Well, it was starting time and the kids were surprisingly calm, so I stayed at my laptop next to my husband sitting at the kitchen table. My nerves were still pulled tight with worry, but that was a good thing, since I committed myself to this, I would have to muster up the courage to follow through with this. Amazingly, as soon as it started, I immediately saw so many familiar faces that I already interact with on Twitter. It was so comforting that I quickly got over my worries only to have them resurface by how fast the tweetchat was going by. I found myself struggling to keep up, and at times frustrated when I went to click on the retweet button only to have the screen refresh leaving me with a different answer in the box than the one I originally went to retweet, but no worries a quick “command a” followed by “delete” got me back to a blank slate.

Interestingly enough, the topic for the night was on mental models: how they interact/effect us in leadership, life and communication. Holy moly, what a topic, and of all things, it was part of the reason that has been keeping me from doing the #leadfromwithin tweetchats before. I know from past experiences that I tend to bite off more than I can chew, and since I haven’t discovered a way to clone myself, I tend to limit myself from certain things along with the fact that I really do over think things like trying to lay out and figure out all the possible scenarios before acting on my ideas. I guess you could say I over plan – oops, never mind, you can definitely say I over plan. Over planning is great, but at some point you need to set aside your own rules to try something new and challenge yourself. This actually turned out to be such a great learning experience for me and of all things, it was wonderful to be able to do it with my husband sitting next to me.

Oh and the cookie dough was forgotten about until the chat was over. I can’t believe not one of the kids came and said “Mom are the cookies done yet?” or “Oh my gosh mom you didn’t even put them into the oven yet, Why?” Instead, I baked the cookies after the chat and all the kids were super excited when I handed them out. Hmm maybe I can do more than I give myself credit for. 🙂

It is simply amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of courage, motivation, determination, great friends, and the loving support from your spouse. I can’t wait to hangout with the leadfromwithin family every Tuesday here on out on the #leadfromwithin tweetchat.

Have you ever tried anything new even though you were nervous and scared if so what did you learn from it? Please share your stories below!