Help, I’m trapped and I can’t get out!

Bathroom StallToday we were out and about running errands. During one of our stops, nature was calling so I went to the ladies room to take care of that. Unfortunately, it turned into quite the experience. When I was finished flushing the toilet, and of course, pulling up my pants, I went to open the stall door. To my surprise, the door wouldn’t open. Yes – the door wouldn’t open. I was trapped! I kept struggling with the door, but to no avail – the door still wouldn’t open. At this moment, panic/survival mode was kicking in. Thoughts were racing by at the speed of light. Should I call out for help, but what would the other lady be able to do? Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to climb under the door? Yikes, is the floor clean? When was the last time the floor was mopped? Did the previous person actually sit on the toilet, or did they squat over the toilet? No way am I going to get on the floor to get out of this stall! All of my thoughts kept returning back to getting out of this stall via laying on the floor and scooting myself out.

I have seen parents with toddlers that were stuck in the bathroom stall, trying frantically to keep their children calm while trying to coax them to open the door latch on their own. Heck, I have even been one of those parents myself with each of my four children. Trying to keep your child calm while they are clearly upset because they can’t get out is a daunting task. Sometimes the toddler will be able to open the door, but most often it turns into the child stooping down and crawling out under the stall. Every time I see this happen to other parents, it always brings back my memories of each time I went through that with my own children and I find myself giggling to myself since I have been there and done that. For Pete’s sake, I never would have ever imagined that I would be the one trapped in a bathroom stall.

The decision was made. I had no choice, crawling under the door looked like my only option. But before I committed myself to this unbelievably icky option, I had to give the door latch one more try. The door was jiggled with one hand while the other hand jerked and pulled desperately at the latch. Hip Hip Hooray! The latch finally gave in to the force from my hands. Thank goodness the door opened. Sadly, the door was not finished because it took aim at my brute force and my index finger was pinched badly. After washing my hands, I was finally able to leave the bathroom. My husband was waiting outside the door with this look of, “Wow, what took so long?”. I had to explain what had just transpired in the bathroom. He did like anybody would do can you guess? He laughed.

This whole experience made me realize that we all hit brick walls at some point during our lives. We all feel trapped and start to think irrationally because we just go into this primitive survival mode. It seems that if we can just take a step back and relax for a little bit, our mind will sort out everything so that we can get back to what needs to get done. Our actions are always fueled by our thoughts. If our thoughts are not focused, then our actions will be erratic. This doesn’t mean quitting because something doesn’t work, or throwing in the hand towel because something didn’t go your way. Each and everyone of us need to keep trying. Our perseverance, determination, courage, motivation, and positivity will get us through all of life’s challenges. Believing in yourself is key. With that anything is possible.

I am so happy that today was not the day that I was destined to crawl on the floor of a public restroom. On the bright side, this experience gave me a topic to write about. Sharing my almost humiliating experience has indeed brought laughter to this new memory. Without laughter life would be very dull.


We all need time to breath, relax, and collect our thoughts.


Have you ever felt trapped, and if so what did you do to resolve that situation?