Staying motivated when you are a stay at home mom

Staying motivated when you are a stay at home mom can be very challenging. It has its moments when you can feel like you are trapped, but only to realize it is yourself that is making you feel that way. Although these feelings always pass they do tend to creep back up on you from time to time. One thing I’m absolutely positively for sure about is that I am happy with my choice.

Having a daily routine is a necessity. For instance making sure you get dressed and feeling good about the way you look is crucial. I myself tend to be a tom boy and simplicity is my style choice for clothing, hair and makeup. If you don’t start off your day on a positive not then nothing falls in place.

While having a daily routine is a necessity it can sometimes be a drag. When you reach this point, then its time to change the order of your daily routine. Even if it means doing your chores in a different order. Our brains can go stagnant to easily and you need to keep your brain firing on all cylinders.

Making time for yourself like learning a new hobby is something that I can not say enough positive things about. I can hear it now everyone thinking to themselves sure if I had the time but I don’t and what would I do. Well let me just say this if I can do it, so can you! Trust me on this. Not only does learning something new or trying a new hobby give you motivation and self esteem but it also relaxes you while uncluttering your brain. My new hobby for instance is this blog site. I am not a pro, but I am learning.  This has been very motivating for me and fun.

I’m sure there are those that say, of course you can do all of this. You have the time to do this because you are a stay at home mom. My answer to that is I have four kids with four different start times, I manage my whole household, I manage the finances, I do the home improvements which we are currently engaged in, I also take care of my mom, and I do most repairs that are needed on my vehicle. Yes, I did say repairs on my vehicle. I learned how from watching videos and reading. Now I can honestly say, I know how to do repairs on my vehicle, ranging from changing spark plugs to replacing my breaks/rotors. All because I wanted to learn how, and save us quite a few dollars in repair costs.

What I am saying is that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and try.  So, if you find yourself feeling like you are trapped or overwhelmed, think about all of the positive things, and learn something new.

I would not change anything. I have been here for each of my children, and that, I am always thankful for.