When having a credit card is actually necessary

Credit CardMy husband and myself are firm believers in paying off debt while not incurring new debt. Now of course, with that being said, we also don’t own any credit cards.

We normally budget out things that we would like to purchase and put the money into savings. In a way, we are acting as our own line of credit.

Here recently, I realized that not only owning a credit card was a good thing, but also vital.

You see, it all started with the unexpected death of my uncle. Since there are no direct flights without driving a couple of hours to my destination for the funeral, I would need a rental car. Granted, getting a rental car is by no means difficult, unless of course, you don’t have a credit card. Now, in my defense, I do have a check card with the Visa logo on it and a plenty high enough daily allowance. Even with that being the case, I came to find out that most car rental agencies don’t accept debit cards without an additional deposit, but that is all they require.

The part of the whole rental car situation that gave me the creeps was that they also wanted to do a credit check. Of course, not a soft credit check, but rather one that dings your credit score. Honestly, why in the world would they need to do a credit check when they can put the funds for the deposit on hold?

I asked over and over, why does doing a credit check make any sense? All I was ever told was that they needed to make sure that I was credit worthy and reliable. While yes, they may have a point, that also opens a whole new can of worms. Meaning, an individual may have a credit card – but yet not be credit worthy or reliable.

At a time when people are trying to be responsible and eliminate their debt, they are also being punished for not owning credit cards by their own choice.

Does anybody else see how this is a backwards way of thinking?

With all that being said, I did not get the rental car since there was no reason to have my credit score damaged by them checking to see whether I was “credit worthy and reliable”. I also came to the conclusion, considering the recent events, that we maybe should have a credit card just for silly, mundane circumstances out of our control.


  1. We have one… but purely for business transactions (and racking up points for airline miles) and for vacations.
    The hard part is not touching it for any other reason when in a pinch… but you have to be honest with your self and pay it off every month.
    Thats probally the reason why I dont have one and my husband does.. lol..
    good luck my dear 🙂

    • I like the idea, of racking up points, for airline miles. That is a great tip, and I have never looked at it, from that perspective. We have always done road trips. The thought, of buying six plane tickets, tends to make my hair stand up, just thinking about the price.

      Thank you, for your comment

  2. We got a joint B of A credit card right before our wedding and put that and everything since on it. We pay it off every month and never accrue interest, but have gotten close to $1000 in cash rewards. 🙂

    • I do like the cash rewards. The nice thing about our financial institution is that we do earn cash back for using our debit card with the visa logo.

      Every quarter its a nice surprise to see our cash rewards deposited into our accounts. Sadly, it is also a reminder that in order to get those rewards you have to be spending money.

      Great tip on making sure you pay it off every month to avoid paying extra money out of your pocket.

      Thank you for your comment!

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